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Cooking with Nicky van Westenbrugge

I’m Nicky, owner of Bee Hospitality Group. Consisting of a boutique hotel, a classic French restaurant, two Neapolitan restaurants and a vegetarian concept in Eindhoven. Keep innovating and developing new concepts is what keeps me busy every day. And… food, of course. I will take you along for an evening of cooking with Mica Decorations, fancy it?

With four restaurants, you obviously don’t need to cook at home? Wrong! Well, you don’t have to, but I love it! At home, we cook at home five days a week anyway and eat delicious meals with the kids. When I am completely free on a sporadic day and think: today I will do as little as possible! Then in no time I am baking and frying with fun new recipes.

Cooking with fresh produce
I always cook with fresh seasonal produce. Where possible, I get the vegetables and herbs from my vegetable garden. This keeps the year varied! When a dear friend came for dinner, I chose to make two recipes from the Mica Decorations cooking magazine. A great pleasure to cook from because of the beautiful photos and great recipes by SVH master chef Andre van Doorn. The tips on sowing and growing also come in handy.

Let’s start cooking
We are both quite fans of food in general, but gorgonzola dolce is a favourite. So the tarte tartin of cherry tomatoes, caramel and gorgonzola could not be missed. It wasn’t tomato season yet, but I still managed to find delicious ones! Making the caramel was a bit exciting, as it has gone wrong before.

This time it went perfectly with the help of the tips in the cooking magazine. By the way, you can order it here πŸ™‚

Other than that, the recipe is not rocket science. While the caramel with pepper, cherry tomatoes, rosemary and puff pastry was in the oven, I still had time to finish the garnish and prepare for the main course.

The tarte tartin was really delicious and I will definitely remember it for next time! The caramel blends perfectly with the cherry tomatoes and the gorgonzola, with the walnuts and balsamic vinegar as a finishing touch. Feast!


The highlight of the meal: the main course
Salmon at its best: our main course tonight. Just pop it in the oven for 20 minutes with some olive oil et voila! No salt and pepper? No salt and pepper. The seasonings were the mustard-honey-dill sauce, pickled cucumber and radishes from our own garden. Easy and delicious! It was a first for me this way so a real eye opener. Very tasty, flavourful and, as far as I’m concerned, truly a spring dish. It had everything from fats, acidity, creaminess, sweetness and the mustard added some extra spice to the dish. Definitely worth repeating πŸ™‚

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Definitely a musthave! The beautiful table setting
For this evening, I cosily set the bar for the appetiser and the dinner table for the main course. This way, I could keep chatting with my friend at the bar while cooking. For the pretty decoration, I used my crockery from Mica Decorations, making it look instantly atmospheric. The red/brown handmade plates from the Rhea collection are really my new fave. As far as I’m concerned, no successful dinner party without some nice tableware.

We enjoyed the evening. I’ll be looking for the next recipe πŸ˜‰