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Get ready for spring with colourful candles

Are you also totally done with winter? We’ve spotted the perfect way to bring spring into your home: colourful candles! Nice and cheerful during the day, and also super cosy to light in the evenings while it’s still getting dark a little early. A must-have for this moment!

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Mix and match
Dinner candles are back with a vengeance! From playful spiral shapes with confetti to coloured dip dye, anything is possible. The best thing to do is combine all of them! Play with different colours, sizes and shapes and you’re guaranteed to find success. You can put together a cheerful festival of colours, or choose one beautiful shade and gather different shapes in that hue.

What is a candle without a candlestick
Special candles call for special candlesticks. Glass candle holders are very trendy, but colourful, sleek designs also work well. These turn your dinner candles into a real centrepiece. Don’t be afraid to mix and match here either. A yellow candle in a purple candlestick? Great idea! Or put different types of candlesticks together on the table. However crazy you want to make it, there’s something for everyone.

Colourful candles

A fun DIY project
Did you know it’s also easy to make your own candles and candlesticks? There are plenty of DIY tips & tricks online to plan a full day. For example, check out our step-by-step plan below to make the famous spiral candles – also known as twisted candles or swirl candles. With these you can (literally and figuratively) give them your own twist!

Step 1: Fill a container or measuring cup with warm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. Place the candles in the water and wait for the candles to soften. This takes about fifteen minutes, but you can check if they’re warm earlier by gently squeezing them. Are the candles malleable? Then you can take them out.

Step 2: When they have softened, you can start to shape the candles. It’s important to flatten them first. To do this, place the softened candles on a flat surface and then carefully roll them flatter with a rolling pin. Don’t do this for too long, because then there’s a chance that it will become too thin and the candle will break. No rolling pin at home? You can also do it with a bottle of wine.

Stap 3: Time to twist them into the right shape. To do this, hold the candle at both ends and carefully twist until a nice spiral shape is created. Voilà, your very own twisted candle! Of course you can also go for another attractive shape. When you’re happy with the result, lay the candles down and wait for them to harden again.

Now all you have to do is put them in a nice candlestick. Ideal for decoration or to light for a cosy atmosphere, although that is of course a waste of all your hard work ;).