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Spring is here! Your quick start guide to growing your own herbs and vegetables

What could be better than growing your very own herbs and veggies as soon as the sun comes back out? Spend your spring and summer cooking from your own garden or balcony. Our planting calendar and cookbook are here to help you turn your vegetable garden into a great success story.

Have you always wanted your own vegetable garden, but has the thought always been a little too intimidating? We totally get it. But now that spring is finally here and we all want to spend as much time as we can in our outdoor spaces, the time is finally right. We’re going to help you foolproof your plan to turn this into your best growing season ever. Our best tip: start small.

You can start now
To help out every lover of the great outdoors (and regardless of if you have a huge garden or a lovely little balcony) we’ve put together this planting calendar for amazing herbs and veggies that you can sow and harvest throughout the year. It gives you something to fall back on and helps you get the most out of every single seed you plant.

Check out our Planting calender here!

The fun starts right now because March is a perfect month to start planning your work. Most seeds can be given a head start indoors this month (in one of our gorgeous Mica Decorations planters, for example 😊) and most of them can move to their outdoor homes (we recommend terracotta planters) in April or May. Want to get outside right away? March is the perfect month to plant your garlic and green beans outside.

Let’s Get Cooking!
Growing your own produce isn’t just great fun, it has amazing health benefits and is quite a bit cheaper than buying herbs and vegetables at the supermarket. It’ll bring your garden alive with beautiful shades of green (not to mention how great it’ll smell!), it’s a great family activity and you always know exactly where your food is coming from.

And then there’s the sense of pride you get when you put some of it on the dinner table later this year. To inspire you to cook with your homegrown beauties we asked SVH Masterchef AndrΓ© van Doorn to help us develop 25 great recipes for our very own cookbook (more about that here). A salad with Parma ham, pumpkin cream and your very own lettuce and arugula pesto? Yes please! You can order it here.

What are you waiting for?