The joy of spring

by mica decorations

Spring has officially begun! It’s time to get your home out of its slumber. In this blog, we give you a few tips to get your home ready for spring in no time! Make some room to mix and match with decorative items. Empty out a cabinet and consider each shelf as an opportunity to display home decoration!

Green, greener, greenest
There’s always enough space for a new plant, right? Open up a cabinet and add some green plants! Vary the heights to make the most of it.

Highlight your tableware
Dare to display ceramics in an open cabinets. That allows you to enjoy it throughout the day! Mix and match with a few items such as plants or crisp kitchen textiles with a pronounced structure.

Inviting home textiles

The evenings are chilly, but not as cold as in winter. It’s time to give the your plaids a less prominent place. Place an open basket on the floor and decorate one of the plaids over the edge. This way, you keep the comfort of a luxurious indoor (and outdoor) plaid within reach for a while.

Consider each shelf as a new opportunity to show what you have to offer. You are now ready for a fresh start!