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Guest blog

Artificial plants: beautiful, easy, and so close to the real thing

With 188.000+ followers on Instagram, Sandra Gremmen of @_finntage is one of the most influential home décor bloggers of The Netherlands. She tested out our artificial plants and shares her findings.

The colour green signals relaxation to our brains. We see green, and we think of the outdoors, nature, and summertime. It makes us calm down, reduces our stress levels.

I recently got the opportunity to add some gorgeous artificial plants to our upstairs, which now finally feels done. Having plants around the house really helps every home, no matter the style.


Ever since we renovated our home, I’ve been missing some greenery in certain spaces. We love plants in our house and usually have a mix of real and artificial ones. I used to be quite sceptical about the latter, but I’ve changed my tune completely in the last few years. Now, I mainly see the advantages.

The world of artificial plants has made strides. They look more realistic than ever now, which has convinced me to add some of them to my spaces.

A good quality faux plant is so close to the real thing. Plus, you get the convenience of being able to put them in spots where plants wouldn’t necessarily thrive normally, like chilly or dark places.


They’re also good for those who have pets or allergies. Or those who don’t have time for plants, or green thumbs, or both. It’s a great solution: it’s really hard to even tell which plants are faux, you never need to water them, and they’ll stay beautiful forever.

The reason I personally chose to add artificial plants to my home was that we don’t get enough light on our top floor. This hinders the growth of real plants. So, I dove into the huge collection of Mica Decorations and found my perfect matches, although there really is something for everyone.

I selected a great mix of plants and pottery for our bedrooms, bathroom, and landing. From ferns to a wonderfully colourful orchid to liven up my bedside table. My personal favourite? The huge Ficus on a stem at the top of the stairs. I keep forgetting it’s not actually real.


Adding greenery has given our upstairs us such a great vibe, and it can do that for every single space in your home too. Even a windowless room can be a perfect spot for something green from now on. Just find your perfect artificial plant, and never look back.