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Because We Care: these 6 tips will make your home sustainable quickly, easily and inexpensively

We all want to live a little more sustainably, but where do you start on your journey to a more sustainable home? We’ve been dealing with that issue at Mica Decorations for years. So we have home tips you can implement in no time. That feels good!

1 – Know what you’re buying
Are you bringing something new into your home? Then think carefully about the origins and materials of your new acquisition. Mica Decorations’ Because We Care label (see bottom of this page) is largely made of recycled materials and materials that can be made with fewer emissions. Beautiful and kind to nature, from baubles to complete Christmas trees and from flowerpot to pillowcase.

Recycled Vienne vase                                 Recycled Bold wooden bench

2 – Grow your own herb garden
You don’t have to have a huge garden or get all your vegetables from your own harvest. A little herb garden on your windowsill is a great start. After all, those herbs do not need to be grown, transported or sprayed. Healthy, tasty and cheaper than buying individual trays or plants from the supermarket every time. And it is very addictive too. Want to get started? In this blog we give you some handy tips.

3 – Colder showering and washing
High gas prices may have taught you to turn down the thermostat, but are you already doing this in the shower? Good for your wallet and the earth. Showering colder reduces your gas consumption and is good for your skin too. Moreover, you get used to a lower temperature and wake up more alert. By the way, the washing machine can also be turned down: there are very good detergents that also wash sparkling clean at cold temperatures (even better for your textiles!).

4 – Get more out of the sun
You may already have solar panels on your house, but you can also make smart use of the sun’s power outdoors. Invest in nice solar-powered garden lights. Cost you nothing, go on and off automatically when it gets dark and complete your garden.

5 – Eat vega(n) more often
Eating less meat is good for you and the environment. We love it so much that we dedicated a whole cookbook to it. Not completely veg, of course; a piece of sustainably caught meat or fish fits perfectly in many meals and SVH Masterchef André van Doorn knows what to do with it. He compiled 25 top recipes for us. You can find one here to get you in the mood.

6 – Get more green in your home (and garden)
More greenery is great for the planet. Both indoors and outdoors. Outside, plants provide a habitat for insects that are crucial for all ecosystems. Inside, they provide clean air. Moreover, it is simply nicer to live in a green house and nicer to be in a green outdoor space. Afraid you don’t have a green thumb? With these tips, it’s easy to fix. And here you can read more about how to create biodiversity in your garden, terrace or balcony.

Because We Care
Our mission is to make the world a more beautiful place. Naturally through our beautiful products for every season. But also by being kind to the world itself. We do this in our daily operations, for instance by generating our energy with solar panels and by driving electric cars. And of course we re-use many materials in our showroom and during events.

But it is our Because We Care products that really make a difference. They are made of at least 50% recycled materials or from completely new but natural and re-usable materials. In this way, we save a lot of waste from landfill and reduce the need to produce new materials. From wood to glass, from paper to cotton and from coconut fibres to fake leather made from banana plants. New products are added every season, and we are far from being out of the loop.