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Welcome to the jungle room!

Add life to your home with big green plants

Longing for an exciting green buffer between you and all things outside? Build your very own urban jungle at home, with big, bold and beautiful plants that will rock your living space.

There’s a lot to say for large houseplants. They’re gorgeous to look at and offer a natural ambience instantly. They’re great at absorbing outdoor sounds. And they help purify the air indoor. Best of all: they’re part of the highly popular trend to live green (literally!) with lots of fresh foliage and some vintage exotic finds for a wild boho ambience. Its ‘urban wilding’ at its best. Plus: a big plant is like a green pet, it really gives you something to nurture without it being too demanding.

Are you more the no maintenance type? Mica Decorations had a wide range of forever fresh looking specimens that look nearly natural to bring the necessary Wild Factor to your home décor.

Green plants are good for you!
Plants absorb some of the particulates from the air at the same time that they take in carbon dioxide, which is then processed into oxygen through photosynthesis. But that’s not all—micro-organisms associated with the plants are present in the potting soil, and these microbes are also responsible for much of the cleaning effect. Beyond air quality, plants just make people feel better.

Balance is everything
Big plants need sturdy pots to prevent toppling over. Whether you want a high or a wide pot, Mica Decorations offers a wide range in interesting choices to balance your home jungle. Including decorative plant stands and caddies on wheels, just in case you like to switch up the look of your living room with ease. Great for mixing is pot Ingmar, available in many colours and looks, yet capable of pulling a look together.

How to create an urban jungle?
• To make the plants really pop keep the backdrop plain: a simple white or cream wall will do.
• Add a few architectural Mica Decorations plants like a spiky Dracaena, an Areca palm, a Ficus and a Dandelion. And make sure to include some hanging plants like the Pilea.
• Choose pots with natural references. Mica Decorations offers pots and planters with textures that look like streams and sand ridges or glazes with splash patterns. Very much on-trend is pot Destiny in earth tones with an natural relief.
• Pick natural materials for your home decor: wood, leather, rattan, linen and wool work best.
• Accessorize in style, with bold botanical prints, a terrarium and handmade home décor in copper and gold tones.

Good to know
For a difficult spot where nothing will thrive, Mica Decorations has true-to-nature faux plants that are a fantastic backdrop for your real green stars. We won’t tell if you won’t!

Big Green Top 3
Monstera is kind of living sculpture with gorgeous foliage and interesting roots. Make it a stand- alone against a simple background, that way it adds a little drama to the room

Cactus oozes Design by Nature. Interesting shape, low maintenance, utter statement plant that adds quite dignity and determination to a room. Mica decorations has a broad range of cactee, just like the real thing, only totally stress-free!

Dieffenbachia is your leafy bad-ass adding gorgeous light green patterns to your plant mix. Its shape and look goes well with the dark leaves of Fatsia. Welcome to the jungle!