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Enjoying the summer poolside

How lovely it is to relax on the patio and by the pool surrounded with items that make summer even more enjoyable!

Warm days and sultry evenings – August is a month to power down around the house, enjoying the garden, pool or patio. Preferably surrounded by things that bring you joy.

To use the available space optimally define multiple zones for sunning, sitting in the shade, eating and entertaining. Create a focal point and add some height to your backyard decor with a medium sized palm in a sturdy pot. Mica Decorations offers a wide choice in XXL outdoor pots to complete the look of a Mediterranean garden.

Trendy outdoor furniture leans heavily on natural materials. Round shapes soften the looks of all hard angles and stones around a pool. The look and feel of this chair and side table are a perfect match with the interesting structure of the planter and the palm.


Using textile items outdoor, like towels, tablecloth, cushions and plaids, can make a patio much more welcoming. This bamboo framed chair is a perfect example: its shape and pillow soften its stone surroundings instantly.

Simple and stunning: outdoor festive lights for instant ambience on those long summer evenings, when night has fallen.

Garden furniture with an open base makes a space look bigger and helps to keep a patio cooler. A breeze can play around it much better than is the case with a massive lounger without legs. Perfect for an airy backyard: super light and super sturdy: the open structure of bamboo furniture.

Flowering plants last a lot longer when they get shelter from the full sun. A spot in the shadow becomes an oasis when you style the plants in matching pots in various heights and sizes by Mica Decorations. The open surface looks airy, but is super strong and adds to the whole cabana vibe. Β Happy summer to you!