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Let’s have a party!

Planning a wedding, a garden party or your very own summer fest? Mica Decorations has everything to offer to celebrate in style and make that special day extra special!

Flowers set the mood
Trendy and oh-so boho chic: gorgeous all-natural dried flowers or everlasting faux blooms. It’s easy to create a convincing theme with the wide choice Mica Decorations has to offer, whether you’re going classic and rustic or exotic and flamboyant.

Arrange the flowers in large Mica vases, tie them with ribbons on chairs and party tent poles or hang them upside down from the ceiling – anything is possible with these amazing florals. Large botanicals and flowering branches offer a lot of volume and ambience in larger spaces.

Also fun: weave and tie the flowers into garlands to lay along the buffet or hang all around. Artificial flowers are fab to create a festive entry arch with, they’re actually easier to work with than the real thing!

Very Instagrammable: a wall or large frame with true-to-life flowers as the perfect décor for selfies.

Let’s sit down and chat!
Single chairs and small tables create more mix-and-mingle energy among guests than classic sit-down areas. It’s fun for people to be able to easily pull up a chair and join the conservation.

Keep it casual: a rug with hassocks, cushions and a small table by Mica Decorations can be a seating area. Mica’s range in home décor items is huge and these things are always handy to have around.

Festive lighting
The soft glow of candles in hurricanes and lanterns by Mica Decorations are perfect to create a friendly ambience. Put them on tables and your buffet. Outdoor party? Line the paths with them!

Party lights in trees, in a tent or in the garden are a fab way to create ambience and cast a friendly spell over friends and family. Available in white and multicolour, for an instant festive touch.

Chinese or paper lanterns by Mica Decorations are great for making a large space look cosier and are downright fairytale-like in trees. Combine various sizes for a whimsical effect.

When night falls tiki torches, fire baskets of fire pits offer an exciting and cheerful element.

Let’s eat!
Whatever the theme for your wedding or party is, Mica Decorations got you covered. Think interesting centrepieces, frames for table numbers and true-to-life flowers for table en buffet décor.

To keep things festive, use the interesting tableware, glassware and beautiful cutlery by Mica Decorations. Different pieces of the amazing service can be combined for a lively effect. For a luxurious look add a little gold here and there – very trendy!

A buffet tends to look more attractive when it is arranged in various heights. Think etageres, cake-stands, bowls and candlesticks. Mix and match materials, lively and cheerful is the way to go.

Arrange a special self-service corner or table with carafes and mason jars by Mica Decorations containing fruit and herbal water, so guests can drink to their hearts content.

Use huge outdoor pots and bowls as an alternative bar: fill them with ice cubes, cans and bottles for cool drinks.

Thanks for coming!
At the end of your wedding or party it is a nice gesture to send your guests on their way with a goodie bag, as a thank you for their presence. Mica Decorations has all sorts of items that make a lovely souvenir of your special day. These are things that make a great gift bag:
♥ A hand written thank-you-for-coming note, signed by the hosts.
♥ A few Polaroids of the guest, made earlier at the party.
♥ A home accessory that fits the theme of your wedding or party.
♥ A pretty pouch with small gifts like a lip balm, a face mask, an anti-hangover remedy, et cetera.
♥ A bottle of water and some sweet and savoury snacks for the trip back.
♥ A sweet gift like a beautiful notebook by Mica Decorations in which you have already written something personal.
♥ Add a few flowers from your floral décor, to stick to your theme.