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Handmade with love in Portugal

Feel the Portuguese sun in these unique pieces of pottery and experience the age-old tradition and artisan skills that created it.

Gorgeous shapes, special glazes, handmade on the potter’s wheel – we so proud of these amazing terracotta pots from Portugal, a specialty by Mica Decorations. Pots like Lester, Ingmar, Nora and Douro are all made of superior Portuguese clay. This material is extraordinary fine, its composition is only found in the north, especially in the Barcelos region. All products are handmade, not one is exactly alike to another. The craft of the special manual technique on the potter’s wheel is passed down through generations, making every pot truly unique. This is how it’s done.

Tradition + craft = beauty
1. The special Portuguese clay is pressed and cut into pieces.
2. Master ceramists shape the pots and vases on a classic potter’s wheel.
3. The ceramists use an artisan technique that has been refined through the ages, it’s a craft that is their pride and joy.
4. The pots are placed in a kiln and heated tot high temperatures for strength and solidity.
5. When cooled down the pots are sprayed in the desired colours and buffed as finishing touch.
6. And then they are ready to brighten balconies and patios: a bit of true Portuguese beauty, where-ever you live!

The love of the land
The Barcelos region is the only place in the world where the very special clay used for these pots is present. The area is celebrated for its folklore and skilled artisans. For centuries pottery was created here, especially huge clay jars, used for storing olive oil. The pottery tradition is pure heritage. Often the workshop was at home: men created pottery in wood ovens, while women ran the household and a kitchen garden. Small factories arose, all with the special wood ovens that brings out the best in this type of clay. Some modernisations have been applied, but to this very day the pottery is made by hand, according to traditional methods with respect for the material and love for the land. And it shows.