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The perfect gift: a scent to match any taste

Smells do something to people. They transport us to different times, other worlds and happy memories. So why not give an unforgettable gift this Christmas in the form of a delightful room fragrance. Whether it’s for family members, neighbours, your partner or even yourself, a fragrance is always a perfect option.

Some like the scent of a summer flower garden, while others like the woody notes of a forest. Others might opt for the fresh tones of a day at the beach, or maybe something spicier that invokes the cosiness of winter. No matter the fragrance fan, we have a perfect signature scent for every home. Add this to a scented candle and kill two birds with one stone in the form of cosy candlelight and a wonderful scent throughout your home. You gift just a candle or our full line of products, with matching fragrance diffusers, room spray and hand soap across all our ranges. This lets you enjoy your favourite scent across your whole home.

Mica Decorations also has five exclusive fragrance lines. There’s something for everyone! Made in the French perfume capital, Grasse, stylishly designed and of exceptional quality. Super warm and cosy and good for the planet: the candles have a birch wick, which makes them sound like a crackling fire. Below are our five fragrance lines, This way you can find out for sure which fragrances will be a hit when it comes to gift-giving (or indeed which ones you’ll want to keep for yourself!).

Bois Intense
Bring a bit of the outdoors into your home with this powerful yet fresh fragrance. You can almost picture yourself in a forest full of moss and ferns just as dawn is breaking. You smell hints of orange and cloves, as well as intense woody notes and delightfully warm musk. Just like a hug when you come home after a long day.

Wood Fire
The scent of orange, rosemary and a pinch of cloves will transport you to a remote cabin in the woods,Β  A secluded place to rest and relax. It then slowly transitions into cinnamon and sweet wild raspberry. Gentles notes of patchouli, blonde cedar and cashmere musk rounds off the fragrance to give your home a warm, elegant feel. Truly a fragrance to remember!

Eccentric Jungle
Green, crisp, fresh. A green garden captured in a scent. This will make both you and your home happy. You get notes of exotic sweet fruits, such as pineapple and coconut, as well as woody scents and a noticeable hint of absinthe. The base of the fragrance contains moss, tonka beans and patchouli. A perfect combination for a cosy way of freshening up your home.

Pretty Woman
A fragrance in the French perfume tradition, there’s a reason why our fragrance lines come from Grasse. A powdery, sensual combination with a subtle presence. Pretty Woman starts off fresh, with grapefruit and lemon, and a flowery core of roses.Β This is followed by a deep woody base with amber and musk. Beautiful and stylish for a truly elegant vibe.

Woodland Fig
With its warmth and sweetness, this scent will really get your Christmas senses tingling. Contains Italian bergamot, fresh juniper and sweet angelica. You also get notes of figs, sage and olive blossom, as well as gentle hints of forest and musk. The cosiest scent possible, but also pleasant and fresh. Highly recommended for the holidays and well beyond.

Whatever you choose, a fragrance is always a wonderfully welcome gift.