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Adventures at home: your own garden is a real treasure

Even without expensive airline tickets and crowded campsites, it is a good place to spend the summer. You can turn your own garden into the perfect holiday destination in no time.

What makes an adventure an adventure? And what makes a vacation a vacation? These are two things that we have been seriously redefining in the last year and a half. Because what if traveling is not so easy? What if we stay home? You can still have an adventure. Simply by giving your own outdoor space an unexpected twist.

With a few small adjustments you can turn your own garden into a beautiful destination. The weather is often good enough to be outside until well into September. Take advantage of this by giving your garden a little holiday makeover.

Create your own favourite vacation spot
How do you turn your garden into your new favourite vacation spot? Actually, it’s quite simple. Think about the things you love about your favourite summer travel destinations. Maybe its that lovely hammock that you endlessly rock back and forth in? The chance to take a refreshing dip? The atmosphere of your favourite beach club? A nicely arranged table full of tasty snacks? A fresh cocktail by candlelight? You can easily arrange all of this yourself.

Camping in your backyard
Pitch your tent in your own backyard for the ultimate camping feeling (with the necessary extra luxury that you normally don’t have!) Having food delivered and eating on your lounger, indistinguishable from room service. Armed with a good book or cocktail, head into the hammock chair and relax Or set up a nice swimming pool (there are now many XL models with pump and filter available that you can enjoy all summer long) and take a dip in the sun or go for a lazy floating session in the evenings.

Outdoor living
An outdoor kitchen, a nice terrace with romantic lighting, the scent of exotic flowers and pots full of delicious herbs. Lovely soft cushions and blankets, an ice cooler with bubbles and a colourful outdoor rug. At home, you have it all. And also important: your friends can just swing by too. Staying at home has its perks. There’s no place like home has never been so true.

Have a great summer!