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Sustainable enjoyment: go for greenery in the garden

Nothing can beat spending the summer days in a well-designed garden. But wouldn’t it be great if this can also be done in a very sustainable way? Go for greenery and endow yourself and Mother nature with ultimate enjoyment!

There is a special page dedicated to it on Instagram: the lush, green gardens that today are turned into boring, measured tiled surfaces. And that while the garden is the ultimate place to lend a hand to nature. We can do something about that! Don’t worry if you only have a balcony or terrace, because you can already make a huge difference there. Follow these steps, and give your outdoor area a sustainable makeover too.

Green, greener, greenest
For starters, the tiles can be ripped out, so you’ll be left with sowing, pots and plants. For example, create a plant border with beautiful plants and colourful flowers. A green garden has many advantages: it stays cooler, after a downpour the water drains better, and countless animals pop in for a visit, contributing to biodiversity. You can go one step further, and grow your own vegetable garden. Just in the soil, or with the help of a veggie planter. And if you’re not blessed with green fingers, a lovely green lawn is also a great start.


Go for natural materials
And with pots and planters, you can also add lots of greenery (see, now it will also become interesting for balcony owners). Opt for natural materials, like the pots in the Orion series. They are made from natural plant fibers, derived from agricultural waste. And they’re 75% biodegradable! Don’t worry, they also look very nice. Group a few pots together, and you will have a welcoming green plant corner. Tip: with plant stands, you can playfully create a variation in height.


A beautiful spot for humans and animals
Once your base is good (read green), it is time to add a decorative touch to your outdoor area. Of course, it should be a welcoming place for yourself, but don’t forget the animals either! There are plenty of great accessories to make it a little easier for them too. Like hanging birdhouses, and providing extra feed with bird feeders. They are also from the Orion series and completely environmentally friendly. Besides, it invites loads of new visitors to your garden, balcony or terrace, making it a lot more lively. Now isn’t that great?

Another fun fact: thanks to the huge success of the Orion series, we are developing even more fun (and especially sustainable) pots and accessories for outdoor use. Like insect hotels and balcony planters.

To be continued!