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Celebrating Easter with Mica Decorations!

Guest blogger Sandra Gremmen van @finntage:
With 166.000+ followers Sandra Gremmen of @finntage is one of the most influential home décor bloggers of The Netherlands.

Earlier I got to work in my bathroom with glass and pots by Mica Decorations, now they asked me to have my wicked way styling a Finntage table setting for Easter.

Yay! Talk about having fun ?! My kitchen looked like an Easter bomb went of in it, but in the end it looked amazing. A fab table setting for Easter with gorgeous items, all by Mica Decorations. Its assortment is epic, I have been in its showroom a few times now and have been feasting my eyes. Artificial plants, decorative cushions, small furniture lamps and tableware – it’s all there. And for a proper start for my table, ceramics is where I went.

Tableware with a smile
As you know my kitchen is not exactly of the wallflower kind. Or maybe it is, considering the explosion of flowers on one of the walls. But with the chairs in green velvet, the glossy bright green tiles and the brown wall it’s already quite a riot. So, I decided to pick tableware that would bring some calm and quiet in the room. Something in a great colour, but not too ornate. For that Easter brunch I want to feel zen, not cray-cray.

And there it was: a gorgeous brown and blue tableware by Mica. It was love at first sight for me when I held it and combined with some good wood and gold it seemed like a new and interesting way to get my Easter buzz going.

How to set your Easter table

Although this tableware doesn’t need much more, I made another round for the finishing touches. Mission Possible: table-cloth, flowers, cutlery, straws and Easter eggs, lots of Easter eggs.

Being quite allergic for wood on wood settings I picked a table-cloth with gold thread that set of the beautiful wooden decorative plates. Table-cloths rock. With gold coloured cutlery, gold straws, many Easter eggs and even two Easter bunnies I got going.

I like these large decorative plates. The wood looks good and they make it easier to group other items, so the whole look becomes a bit more robust and solid. On top of the wood plates I placed oval ceramic plates. Mad as I am for details, the shape of these plates makes me think of eggs, so they seemed very appropriate. On top pretty oval bowls in wood and the basics were done.

The tableware comes with a great coffee and / or tea set. I loved the colour and wished to showcase the pot on my Easter table, the cups and saucers I split up. The cups ended up in the wooden bowls, the saucers next to the wooden decorative plate, as a perfect place to park any goodies of the Easter buffet.

Beautiful warm brown glasses with a gold straw and egg cups from the same series completed the table setting and I was actually quite pleased, BUT…

…as far as I’m concerned, an Easter table also needs spring flowers and enormous amounts of chocolate, to really get my festive inner bunny going.

I picked the flowers with care: lots of pretty green leaves and robust branches of chestnut and hazel with some colour for the finishing touch made a fine bouquet that found a great home in a groovy Mica vase of yellow gold, embossed with a Monstera relief.

I removed the wrapping of the large Easter eggs and the Easter bunnies and scattered three bags of chocolate eggs over the table. By the way: worst chocolate ever, I just picked ‘m for the lovely colours.

Then I added a few single flowers and the eggs and bunnies by Mica and TADAAH – my Easter table was ready for company. Cosy fun all around, I just left it like this the whole day and in the evening, we ate gyros sandwiches here, ha-ha!

I’m super happy with the result and when it’s Easter this will surely be my way to style the table.

By the way, creating a setting like this has it challenges and I thought it would be fun to share those too.

Because when your flowers are too tall for your lamp, this is what you get…

And when you drop your Easter bunny while styling your heart out, you need an extra trip to the supermarket, to keep the balance right. Oh well, all in a day’s work, right?

Also, I didn’t take a picture of the fine stain caused by molten chocolate of one of the aforementioned eggs. My parents dropped by on the Friday afternoon that I was taking the pictures and while I was having a drink on the balcony, one of the big chocolate eggs sweated away rather spectacularly in the sun ?

Oh well, champagne problems, right?

And in the end the Easter table looked fab! What do you think? And how will you set your table this Easter? I’d love to know.

Happy Easter, have yourself eggcelent days!