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Enjoying the edible garden!

It’s ‘growsome’ weather so whatever vegetables, herbs and fruits you’ll be planting, the results will be impressive. Let’s get cracking, with the perfect terracotta pots!

Balcony, patio, windowsill – in pots a kitchen garden can be planted anywhere and edible plants are often zo beautiful they mix wonderfully with decorative plants. Kids and adults alike love to witness how a small seed sprouts and grows into something that can be harvested and eaten. Knowing where your food comes from? It doesn’t get any cooler than that!

TIP Mix kitchen garden pots in various sizes for an authentic and informal ambience.

What are good things to grow?
Easy greens are sprouting seeds like cress, rocket leaves and alfalfa.
Legumes and seeds of fruit also grow well: melon and pumpkin can both climb and grow low.
Herbs are the best! They look great, smell fantastic and offer great taste.
Think citrus trees and fruit and berry plants on stems for space saving pick-your-dessert plants.
Edible flowers, like Indian cress, zucchini flower and borage (starflower).
Chilli and bell peppers, tomatoes, radish, courgette, cucumber.
Lettuce is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of space and still would like to harvest a few times.

Pottering away!
Terracotta pots are true classics to create a kitchen garden with. Series Stan by Mica Decorations provides all you need: pots in various sizes, a hole on the bottom for good drainage and matching dishes for the finishing touch. Stan offers top quality, made in Europe. Terracotta flatters all plants and becomes more beautiful through the years: ‘weathered’ is a good look for these ceramics.

Will you be sowing or planting?
Sowing Spread your seeds in a modest layer of soil, preferably on a sheltered spot to get a better start. Sunshine and a little water will take care of the rest.

Planting out Once the seeds have sprouted and at least two real leaves are visible, you can plant them out in their very own terracotta pot, with enough space to grow a strong root system.

Protect You can offer frail plants a little extra protection with a classic glass dome by Mica Decorations. It acts like a small greenhouse and offers an amazing artisanal garden look.

CareΒ Don’t feel like sowing? You can kickstart your kitchen garden with plants that are a bit more substantial thanks to the grower. These are usually also hardened off. After buying just put them in a larger Stan pot that allows them to grow, add a little water and plant food and lean back. In no time you will be looking at tasty all natural and healthy treats.

Space saver
The Daisy Flowertower even fits a modest balcony. Perfect as a vertical herb garden or for growing tomatoes and other fruits and a must-have near your kitchen.

Make your edible garden thrive!
Edible plants in general like a sunny spot.
They also grow quickly and use a lot of energy, so be generous with water and plant food.
The terracotta pots of Mica Decorations are porous and have a hole in the bottom for good water management, exactly what they need.
Put pot Stan in a matching dish with water: both the terracotta and soil will help to keep a good moist balance for the plant.
Don’t cut a whole lettuce head, just take off the outer leaves so the centre will keep on producing new leaves.
Don’t sow too much. Edible plants will grow all summer, sowing in stages will make sure there will always be something fun to pick.
Cut away some of the green leaves of a tomato plant for nice red tomatoes.
Herbs tend to grow like crazy. Dried and kept in a closed container they keep their aroma for 9-12 months, so you can enjoy the result of your kitchen garden all through autumn and winter.