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Tropical balcony vibes by Mica Decorations!


Earlier @finntage blogger Sandra had her wicked ways with her bathroom and dinner table and now she shows how she turned her balcony into her very own Club Tropicana.

Balcony Life!
Ooooh – the sun is shining as if it’s summer and that means: Balcony Life!

Besides a (small) garden we have a lovely south-facing balcony at the front side of the house, adjacent to the kitchen.

Even in the early sunshine of February and March it’s lovely to sit there. It is quite a large balcony, there is even a place to chill. Three years ago we had a lounge sofa made and there is room enough to eat outside.

However, I felt it was time for a new look, the balcony was due some colour and fun and I made that happen with the amazing items of Mica Decorations. I was really surprised how epic the collection of outdoor décor was, Mica really offers everything from pots and cushions to outdoor rugs and even fab outdoor furniture!

Bistro set
My priority was finding a new dinner table and chairs. What I had was sufficient but that was about it. I really wanted a set with colourful chairs (for a vacation vibe!) and a slightly larger square table so everything will fit on it when we have a barbecue.

Mica Decorations offers really great choices in bistro sets, sized for a balcony. I combined two bright green chairs with bars and black legs and a square table with a woodgrain top. It’s not a set, I mixed and matched it myself. It looks fab and it fits the space perfectly.

A few pots on the floor act like a balcony divider between the lounge part and the dinner part. I love this terracotta set in three sizes and combined it with black metal pots for a little edge. This way the black reflects the black of the table legs, it harmonizes all the different elements.

I’m always picky when it comes to plants. These though pots are, as far as I’m concerned, perfect for cool green elements, like grasses and foliage plants. It always pays off to match a pot and plant with some attention, they enhance each other. No matter how weird and wonderful your plant is, Mica had a pot for it, their range of pottery is ginormous.

Tropical colours and beastly things!
And then for the fun part and my favourite part: the finishing touch that completes the whole look. What I had in mind was a tropical ambience, combines with animals. The seat cushions of the lounge sofa are grey, so that part could use a pop of colour. I chose a cushion with a bird print and a few Mica basics to brighten things up (shown here are ecru, green and yellow).

And now for the cherry on top: these two cushions make me giggle every time I see them. How funny are this fish and parrot? Totally awesome ?! They really make the whole look work for me; this is what I had in mind for this summer. I love doing this, mixing and matching different items and styles, it gives a space a personal touch!

To style the balcony to perfection I added three more things. The first one is a cool black wall panel for displaying vases or candles. The black matches that of the pots and the legs of the table once again.

The gold heron is an exciting eyecatcher in between the grasses and I love the festive lights. They’re battery operated, so not suitable for permanent outdoor presence, but easy to hang and such a great part of a pleasant ambience when evening falls and we’re enjoying sitting here.

I am absolutely thrilled with my new balcony look. It’s colourful, tropical and it doesn’t take itself too seriously ?exactly what I wanted for summer!

Till next time, lots of love from

Sandra @finntage