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Have yourself an awesome fall with Mica Decorations!

Guest blogger Sandra Gremmen van @finntage:
With 193.000+ followers Sandra Gremmen of @finntage is one of the most influential home décor bloggers of The Netherlands.

Yes! My favourite season is here! I do love me some autumn! When I start saying this, usually at the end of summer, I often get a lot of funny looks, but I can’t help is. At the start of September, my longing for fall is stirring already.

At that point, I’m quite done with all things outdoors and yearn for cosy evenings on the couch by candlelight with the heater turned up. At the very same time I start gathering new ideas because I cannot wait to get busy indoors to make my home more beautiful for the season.

It’s the kind of thing I usually skip during summer, because we’re spending so much time outdoors then. Oh, and can we talk nature for a second? Never more beautiful as in autumn. All those warm greens, browns, reds and ochres – I love it! Between summer and Christmas, I like to change my home décor a little to create some autumn ambience. This time I got busy with artificial botanicals and gorgeous glass and ceramics by Mica Decorations, all in the warm shades of fall, of course.

If there’s one thing that makes me happy, it is the wide range of coloured glass Mica Decorations has to offer. They really rock it when it comes to glass: so much choice in shapes and colours, so many styles – there’s something for everyone. Perhaps this may sound funny but there’s no clear decorative glass in my home. Not a hurricane or a votive – it just doesn’t look edgy enough to my taste. My Finntage home is better suited for some coloured eyecatchers 😉 So that makes Mica Decorations my place to go.

Let’s bring autumn in the kitchen
For my kitchen I chose deep dark blue and yellow-going-on-orange. The painting on the wall was my starting point for the colour scheme. It’s so much fun to create different moods in various corners of the house, with relatively few changes. On the counter: a set of glass vases on legs, perfect to keep my fruit and herbs. The colour pops beautifully on my retro green tiles and this whole area instantly looks refreshed and ready for fall!

Tip: why not use pots and vases for different purposes than they’re made for? A vase can be a planter – or in my case – something to hold my fruit. Such a surprising element truly has a fabulous effect.  

And just look at that set on the dining room table – that colour! I was in love with it right away. A stunning shade of royal blue combined with artificial true-to-nature autumn branches. This looks amazing, right? Together with the matte blue pot a fab combination and an excellent match with my painting. Extra benefit of artificial branches: no fuss with watering or creepy critters falling out of them, straight onto your kitchen table. Love this look for fall!

When combining vases and pots, make sure you use different heights to keep things interesting. Variation (or lack thereof) can truly make or break a composition.
For a fun ton-sur-ton effect, use vases and pots of the same colour in various shades.
Vases don’t always need filling, this lovely blue eyecatcher is doing fine all on its own.

Autumning-up the living
I have been searching forever for a big, bad vase with a bit of colour, because I think that would look amazing with an exciting bouquet. It seemed a Mission Impossible, but look what I found at Mica Decorations: two sturdy vases in matte blue and brown glass. For now, I have put these branches in them, but I can’t wait to get going with a bouquet of fresh flowers. No branches of flowers? No problem, these powerful vases are decorative anyway, thanks to the wonderful coating – love them!

The coffee table also got the Autumn Treatment with a mix of glass, ceramics, small plants and autumn branches. Pretty AND cosy, I love mixing up colours and materials, it has a far more exciting effect than six similar pots of vases. And check out these cool wooden mushrooms with gold and my favourite fall colour orange – it doesn’t get more seasonal than this!

Tip: don’t hesitate to mix materials and colours in one setting, but keep an eye on various heights: variation is key, just try for yourself!

Mission: an autumn ambience in my home… SUCCESS! I am now totally ready for those wonderful cosy nights in 😊

Any thoughts?

Have a happy fall, love,