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Celebrate the indoor season with a touch of gold!

Make your home feel warmer by adding a couple of gold-coloured accents. Gold also captures light in beautiful ways, which is exactly what you need during these dark days.

Interior golden accents are trending. They create an elegant ambiance and add a little extra shine, but it is important not to go too far if you want to keep a chic feel. Subtle and stylish is the effect you should be going for. For example, there is no need to paint an entire wall gold or to purchase a shiny gold dining-room set. Rather think of a single gold-coloured table or a special home accessory to give the gold real effect.

Working with gold in home decors
• Make sure that daylight or lamplight catches the gold, it will be wasted lurking in a dark corner
• Proportion and balance are everything: a large golden statue will not suit a small room
• Keep it calm, depending on the space, two to three gold accents are sufficient
• Functional gold is very effective, such as an attractive plant in a gold-coloured ornamental pot
• Golden home decor does not belong in a group, spread the elements around the room

Find the balance
Also pay attention to the ‘temperature’ of your golden home decor. If your house is very light with lots of whitewash, then yellow gold with high-gloss will look good. If you have lots of warm colours in your home, then you are better off opting for something cooler looking with more matt gold, to give a more attractive balance. If your home has a classic country look, old gold (that is gold with a hint of brown-red) often looks stunning. If your style is more cool and minimalist, then go for gold that tends to pink, for a warm effect.