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Guest blog

Christmas decor and more!

Guest blogger Sandra Gremmen van @finntage:
With 193.000+ followers Sandra Gremmen of @finntage is one of the most influential home dΓ©cor bloggers of The Netherlands.

Oh, I love this time of year. December is so full of festive moments I usually can’t wait. That’s why my Christmas tree is always up and shiny #letsenjoyitaslongaspossible

I also did a test run for setting the table in the Christmas style.

Blue, I love you!
I’m not big on traditional Christmas table settings with white or red table-linen, silver cutlery, green branches, red berries and an occasional deer figurine. If that’s your thing, more power to you. It’s just not mine.Β I adore the combination of blue and gold. It is all over my home and since I like to create some unity in colours and details, I chose this very lovely colour scheme for my Christmas table setting.

I went all the way with, among others, a blue glass service, golden plates and charger plates and beautiful accessories to create an amazing setting.

These blue glasses I fell in love with instantly. The colour is gorgeous and the glass itself is quite robust – I’m not a huge fan of very delicate glassware. This design is, simply through colour and shape, already a statement. I also chose plates and chargers in my favourite colours: gold, blue and green. And yes, I know gold is technically not a colour, but you get my drift πŸ˜‰.

Seriously, this pile of plates? It needs little more, gorgeous as it is. Happy claps all round here!

The gold charger is my base, on top of that a gold dinner plate for the main course and well, you can count backwards from that yourself, can’t you?Β Green for the entremets or side-dishes, blue for the starter. Normally I’m not too keen on creating extra washing-up, but since it’s Christmas, anything goes!

Finishing touches
For the necessary finishing touches I chose gold napkin rings, a great candleholder plus candles and a wonderful over the top Christmas bouquet, all by Mica Decorations.

Plus, festive sequins and Christmas candy to round things off – so happy with how it all turned out! It’s almost too pretty to actually have dinner of (just kidding!).Β Now, you can see the table is already quite full with three of these sets.Β Where on earth will I put the dishes?

Drumroll please! This gold coloured push trolley is the solution. I can use it to serve the dishes for our Christmas meal and after the holidays it will be quite an eyecatcher in the kitchen or elsewhere in the house.Β I know, it’s literally two steps from the counter and oven to the table, but this just look a lot more fun. It’s going to be great to have such a sassy gold server beside the table, filled with goodies and cosy knickknacks

Christmas in the living room
Of course, creating Christmas on the table isn’t enough for me, I wanted to decorate the living room too. Each year I want something different for the holidays. Last year I skipped the tree all together, but this year it’s back and I am happy for it. I loaded it with gold baubles and tiger heads – simple and stylish, non?

Last year I went all the way with wild branches and Christmas figurines in many colours, this year it is just gold. A fresh pine with lots of gold, that’s it and I love it!

Thought I was finished? I thought that too, but then I came across this thing and knew I had to have it in my Christmas home. No enough space? No problem, it’s the kind of item I’ll gladly make room for.

It’s a very cute hanging system, full of golden figures and glitter. How festive does this look? It is proudly showing off above my tv storage combination. I think it would also make an amazing statement piece above the dinner table, with some added festive lighting as a temporary alternative for a lamp.Β And to finish things off a lovely colourful Christmas bouquet in the vase of this beautiful mirror by Mica Decorations.

Finntage is all set for Christmas!

I hope I have been able to inspire you with my seasonal dΓ©cor. It was such fun to create and I can’t wait for the holidays.

Lots of love, Sandra