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Happy Easter, everyone!

Easter – April 21 – is the perfect time to celebrate spring with friendly pastels, cheerful flowers and joyful company. Why not catch up with good food sitting at a gorgeously set table? Easter is quickly becoming the ultimate moment to celebrate all things spring. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting stronger, […]

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How-to decorate a bell jar

We’ve got you covered! A glass dome or bell jar is such an attractive display case for personal treasures and so versatile: change its content with the seasons or every week, whatever suits you. Putting a glass dome over something instantly elevates an everyday object into a piece of art. It’s such a charming item […]

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Every plant deserves a beautiful home of its own

Guest blogger Sandra Gremmen van @finntage With 166.000+ followers Sandra Gremmen of @finntage is one of the most influential home décor bloggers of The Netherlands. In this blog she shows how to present plants at their most beautiful in glass and ceramics. Plants in ceramics and glass, according to @finntage: I love plants! Lots of […]

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The secret life of roots

Roots are usually hidden underground. Which is a shame, because they offer such strange and mesmerizing beauty. Exposing the roots of a plant in clear water is a great way of telling its story. It’s also an aesthetic and trendy approach to show off your botanicals.

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